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Discover our
Partner Program

The Adabra Partner Program is designed for agencies, service providers and consultants who have decided to expand their offer and increase their skills in the field of Omnichannel Marketing Automation.

Do you work in Marketing, as a Web Design, as a System Integrator or Consultant? Adabra provides you with the know-how and technical and strategic support to scale.

What do you do?

Choose the profile that best describes you and find out what you can do with Adabra.

Web Agency

Web Agency

I deal with the design, programming and promotion of websites and the design and implementation of web applications.

System Integrator

System Integrator

I deal with the integration of systems, making different software and environments communicate with each other to optimize corporate information flows.

Web Marketing Agency

Web Marketing Agency

I deal with developing marketing and promotion strategies for brands and services on the web



I deal with analyzing, developing marketing strategies and putting service providers and customers in contact.

Candidati ora!

Invia ora la tua application per entrare a far parte del Partner Program di Adabra e usufruire dei vantaggi a te riservati.

Become a Partner and with Adabra:

  • Grow your businessAcquire certified skills in the Marketing Automation sector
  • You have access to a team of experts who offer you advice and support
  • You can organize joint Meet ups and Webinars
  • You are entitled to a Partner License at a dedicated price
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What does the participation fee include?

The membership fee includes:

  • Adabra Partner extended license
  • Welcome kit (physical and digital) containing gadgets, tools, educational and inspirational materials, which will help you to know and use Adabra in depth.
  • Initial training and access to specific training courses to obtain Adabra Certifications, certifications that attest to the skills acquired in Marketing Automation and User Experience Personalization.

What does the technical support provided to Partners by Adabra consist of?

Technical support consists of:

  • In-depth study of the technical aspects and best practices aimed at assisting your customers in the phase of creating connectors or installing plug-ins, so that they can begin to benefit from the results brought by Adabra in the shortest possible time.
  • Assistance related to the main methods of data interchange, code injection on-site and / or in the App.

What does the training provided to Partners by Adabra consist of?

The training designed by Adabra for Partners consists of an integrated frontal training course aimed at obtaining Adabra Certifications.

In over 10 years of experience in the Marketing Automation sector, Adabra has developed a solid know-how, developed effective methods of transferring the knowledge and skills acquired and created unique paths and tools to enable you to seize all the opportunities offered by Marketing Automation. .

Can I get an Adabra demo before submitting the application to join the Partner Program?

Una volta effettuata l’application per entrare a far parte del Partner Program di Adabra, prima di completare il processo di acquisto, avrai certamente la possibilità di accedere a una Demo completa ed esaustiva in grado di mostrarti nel dettaglio le principali prerogative e le tante funzionalità della nostra piattaforma.

Does Adabra provide me with sales support?

Of course! Where required, our Sales Team is able to support you in the sales phase and to be by your side in the most demanding negotiations.

We have also invested in the development of the Price Calculator, a tool to which you have access as a Partner and which allows you to generate, save and send your customers personalized quotes with a few simple clicks.

Some good reasons why you should join our Partner Program!

Dedicated training programs, customized solutions and ready-to-use integration modules, will allow you to immediately increase the performance of your customers!

Grow your business

Improve the performance of your customers with Adabra!
Thanks to the strategic support, the customizable modules immediately available on the platform and the versatile integrations suitable for all types of users, you can immediately implement effective marketing strategies and see the first results quickly.

Exclusive Benefits

Increase your earnings as your customers grow! A unique opportunity to consolidate your revenues over time. The ideal solution to propose high added value consultancy and integrations.

Training and Certifications

Training modules and resources dedicated to Partners on Adabra University, to develop skills and stay updated on the news of Marketing Automation, Artificial Intelligence and the User Experience customization process.

Advice and support

Adabra strategists and technicians will help you in the strategic phase, in the integration and implementation phase, supporting the marketing strategies you have developed and helping you integrate the platform with the customer’s website and develop any customizations.

Exclusive license

By joining the Partner Program you will be entitled to an Adabra License at a special price reserved for Partners, which will allow you to use Adabra in person on your site and practice on the platform.

Joint Meet-ups and Webinars

Adabra is available to participate in webinars or meet ups with your customers and collaborators to present the platform and services together. This type of event allows us to deepen relationships and collaborations and create opportunities for interaction and exchange with customers and potential customers.

Here are some of our Partners